Instrumental Chamber Music
A Winter Suite

ca. 7 min. Southern

Horn and piano

Three movements for the intermediate or advanced player

ca. 8 min. ALRY

Woodwind Quintet

A moderately difficult, four movement, modal composition


ca. 14 min. Dorn

Saxophone quartet and one percussionist

A five movement suite commissioned by the Saskatoon Saxophone Quartet. Also performed by the Virginia Sax Quartet and the Regina Sax Quartet. Recorded on CD by Resounding Winds of Abileen, Texas

ca. 10 min. Southern

Doublebass and one percussionist

Four challenging movements. Premiered in Canada by Emily Schudel and Audrey Stephens and in the U.S. by David Neubert and George Frock at the University of Texas.

Five Pastels

ca. 13 min. Ludwig

Trombone and one percussionist

A five movement work calling for three different mutes and humming into the trombone. Premiered by Richard Raum and Jeffrey Bush at the University of Regina.

ca. 10 min. Ludwig

Oboe and one percussionist

Five short movements contrasting the lyric sound of the oboe with the rhythmic pulse of the percussion. Premiered by Elizabeth Raum and Jeffrey Bush.

Richter 7.8

ca. 7 min. Ludwig

Three percussionists

A moderately difficult work in three contrasting movements for a good university or professional ensemble.

ca. 5 min. T.A.P.

12 tubas (or low brass)

Two challenging movements. Performed in Canada and in the U.S. by the Tennessee Tech. Tuba Ensemble and the University of Texas Tuba Ensemble.

Three Dimensions

ca. 9 min. C.M.C.

Oboe and string quartet

Three contrasting movements. Premiered by Elizabeth Raum and the Regina Symphony Strong Quartet.

ca. 12 min. C.M.C.

Two saxophonists and one percussionist

Three movements for two doubling saxophonists, one playing soprano and alto and the other alto and tenor. Premiered by Karen Finnsson, Chris Jacklin and Jeffrey Bush.

Heptagon (2000)

ca. 13 min.

Trumpet in C (wood block), trombone (wood block), saxophone quartet (maracas), and percussion

Commissioned by the Regina Saxophone Quartet and premiered at the 12th World Saxophone Congress in Montreal, Quebec.